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In the beginning, this domain was registered to sell those stinky little dust catchers of yesteryear (scented, wax-covered, stuffed animals). However, that did not happen.

Since then, we've merely provided a cursory overview of the vast diversity of life within the beautiful region known as the Ozarks. The Ozark critters, creatures, beasts, varmints and other wildlife mentioned here are just the tip of the iceberg when speaking of the Ozarks' biodiversities. The breadth of available information on the 'Ozark Mountain region' would fill several hundreds of web pages, if not more. We merely hope to serve as a launching point for your further pursuit of knowledge on the subject.

The nominal advertising you encounter is merely an attempt to point you towards other sources of information. At present, we make no monies from this advertising, but we reserve the right to do so, in the future.

Archive Material

The geography of the Ozark highland of Missouri
The geography of the Ozark highland of Missouri,
by Carl Ortwin Sauer (b 1889), published in 1920
Legends of the Ozarks
Legends of the Ozarks
by James W. (James William) Buel (1849-1920), published 1880